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Woman Kills Man By Squeezing His Testicles

The man on the graphic photo below is a 42-year-old shop owner in the Meilan District of Haikou City, in Hainan, that big island south of mainland China. He is dead. A 41-year-old woman killed him. By squeezing his testicles.

Update: Yes, you can die from extreme testicular pain. Here's the scientific explanation, by urologist and San Diego Sexual Medicine's director Dr. Irwin Goldstein.

According to witnesses talking to China News 24, the woman was riding a scooter and tried to park it in front of the man's shop. She was going to pick up her son, who attends the elementary school in that neighborhood.

The man went out of the shop and told her that she couldn't park her scooter there. She protested and a the shouting match started. After a while they started to fight physically. The woman called her husband and brother, who came to the scene. But things got a lot worse than just a few smacks here and there: the woman grabbed the man's testicles and squeezed them so hard and long that the man shutdown. He collapsed on the ground out of the pain and, worse, he was dead. Yes, people. dead by ballsqueeze.

The paramedics tried to revive him on the spot to no avail. He was rushed to the hospitals, but doctors couldn't do anything for him. I really want to know what the death certificate says. And I really want to know how the hell one can die from ballsqueezing.

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