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A Ballbusting Horror Story

This was submitted by an anonymous user to our partners @ProtectOurBoys on Instagram.

"I chose not to wear the cup because 1. I do find them a little restrictive & wanted completely free movement of my legs, and 2. I assumed that the girl would not kick me in the balls knowing how very fragile they are, and the agony & damage that a kick to them would cause!

Anyway, the girl actually won the fight... Would you like to take a guess how she won? :o( My girlfriend came along to watch me compete, and was sat watching on the very front row of the audience. I was winning the fight on points, but in the very last round I tired and lost concentration. The girl caught me stood facing her with my legs spread wide apart, slightly bent at the knees.

She took full advantage and won the fight by running up and kicking me in the balls as hard as she possibly could! :o( I crashed to the floor and was just rolling... around and screaming out in agony, while the girl celebrated her win! My girlfriend was completely shocked and horrified, but she told me that many of the girls watching in the audience were just laughing and cheering for the girl! My balls were severely bruised and swollen for weeks, but fortunately no permanent damage. Why would a girl kick me in the balls so hard, knowing the agony and damage that she was going to cause? I will definitely not be competing against a girl again! :o( "


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