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New Product Available! The Nutty Buddy Cup

This was submitted by an anonymous user to our partners @ProtectOurBoys on Instagram. The Nutty Buddy Cup is featured in our Shop.

The Nutty Buddy Cup claims to offer unmatched comfort and protection. The video of inventor Mark Littell taking a 90 MPH fast ball to his “boys” certainly lends some credibility to this claim. I was skeptical when I first heard of the cup but I was also very excited because the Nutty Buddy sounded like it would fix everything that I had found to be wrong in all cups I had tried before. After a pretty through test I have to come right out and say that, overall, this is the best cup that has ever been on the market. The balance of protection and comfort is truly unmatched. I’ve used it for everything from hockey and flag football to just lifting weights. In every activity it has really supported and protected very well. It is really the best choice if you want a cup to use for multiple activities or if you want the best balance between comfort and protection.

I used the Nutty Buddy for a great number of activities and I never felt exposed or in danger of a groin injury. When worn the way Nutty Buddy suggest or with the Battle compression shorts the cup does not move about so it will not leave the testicles or any part of the manhood exposed. The plastic is very thick and not very flexible but the cup is still surprisingly comfortable. It features a soft edge that when there is a layer of cloth underneath is not only tolerable but also actually quite comfortable. The cup also features an “anatomically correct” design which means the cup actually looks like the male genitalia that it shields. This means that the testicles have a place to go and if the cup shifts they are not at the bottom ready to drop out of the cup. Strikes from head on are shrugged off by the Nutty Buddy with ease. Blows from the bottom are more shocking but still because the testicles are so well supported they are out of harms way and no serious injury will occur. The thick plastic also shields from side blows which are a bit more uncomfortable. There are really only two downfalls: 1. The sizing of the cup and 2. The width. The Nutty Buddy does not come in the standard sizes. Instead the sizes include Mongo, Trophy, Hog, and Hammer. This can be a bit confusing not only for men going to buy the product but especially for moms or other women buying it for the men or boys in their life. I was worried that the Trophy would be too small but its fit is snug and near perfect. You really should try to try on the cup before you buy so you know you have a cup that will fit correctly. The only other issue is the width. Because it features places for your testes to go it is also quite wide. At first you don’t notice it but after a while it can irritate your thighs especially if the activity you are engaging in involves a lot of running. Other than that the cup is pretty near perfect. I highly recommend this cup to anyone playing sports.

Quick facts:

  • Pros: Protection, Comfort, Weight,

  • Cons: Expensive, Wide, Sizing is Confusing

  • Score 9/10


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