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Man Hit In Crotch With Axe During School Physics Experiment

Video of a science demonstration at school that went terribly wrong has gone viral after emerging online

Video has emerged online of a school physics demonstration that went disastrously wrong.

In the clip, which you can watch above, a man lies on the ground while holding a breeze block on his chest. He is straddled by another man, who holds an axe high above his head before forcibly swinging it downwards.

In sickening slow-motion, the axe can be seen clipping the breeze block, before following through straight into the first man's nether regions.

The video, which has received over 1.3 million views since it appeared on YouTube two days ago, was uploaded under the title How The Physics Teacher Lost His Job.

However, there has been some confusion over the roles of the two men involved in the demonstration. Contrary to the video's title, a man who appears to have been a pupil in the class told Reddit that the physics teacher was in fact the unfortunate victim on the ground.

"The dude who was hit is the teacher", wrote Haneef Mubarak on the social platform. "He was just fine - it was a graze - not a full on partitioning. The person holding the axe is a member of staff (either an assistant principal or a hall monitor) that we asked to come help with the demonstration.

"The teacher walked funny for like a couple of days and then he was just fine."

Mubarak has since uploaded a video of the incident from a second angle. Incredibly, this longer clip shows that the man on the ground didn't even get up to check himself after receiving the blow, instead staying in position to attempt the demonstration for a second time.

Now that takes balls.

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