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What Is Ballbusteism?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Ballbusteism is the belief held by many men and women, young and old, that at any point a man can be brought to his knees by a woman striking him in the genitals. We do not believe this should necessarily happen, but collectively agree and are always aware of the natural possibility granted by our anatomy as men and women. Click here to watch Full Clip

Have you ever stood in front of a woman and thought if she just raised that knee to the right spot or lift her pointy shoe to your male gonads she would certainly and beautifully be expressing her female superiority in a way that is granted to her by God, anatomy and nature?

Likewise, as a woman, have you ever been in front of an overbearing man, perhaps treating you like the patriarchy or dismissing your contributions to society because you were a woman. And in that instance, you thought that if you could just push your knee or your pointy foot against his soft testicles the power struggle would be effectively over in your favor? Perhaps you were younger and felt compelled to try this in order to incapacitate a male in your circle. Perhaps you even felt bad about having those thoughts, but you shouldn’t, it’s only natural.

Ballbusteism and those who believe in it deny the traditional notion that sees men’s testicles as a synonym of power and strength and takes them for what they really are, a real liability. In fact, in many categories such as longevity, health, and now even resistance to covid-19, balls only create disadvantages for males. Naturally, in this competitive world, women have learned to take advantage of this shortcoming for their own advancement. It should not come to a surprise that men getting ballbusted or hit in the testicles by women is seen more and more in movies and videos online. In fact, sites like Protect Ur Nuts Comedy produce such clips as ballbusting in full realization of ballbusteism.

Ballbusteism is not by itself a CBT fetish or even BDSM, although those practices may include some aspects of ballbusteism. For example, if you look up porn on the internet you can find the harshest forms of testicular mutilation by beautiful dominatrix women pretending to have full control. While this is arousing to some it does not represent the Ballbusteism because the latter is limited to the simple everyday "awareness".

In short, ballbusteism is the full awareness by men and women that the balance of power can at any time be tilted towards the woman if a male gets hit in his testicles. We realize that being aware of ballbusteism may make ballbusting more likely to occur. However, we prefer awareness over denial. That way when your crush knees you in the balls without warning, you won’t think that you could not see that coming. She is a woman and you’re a man so it’s only natural. Welcome to Ballbusteism.

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