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Cassie Disabled Me At A Bar - A Real-Life Ballbusting Story

I was about 25-year-old when I met 18-year-old girl Cassandra. She was beautiful, intelligent, and extremely playful. She was not very tall but slender and had gorgeous long black hair and lively eyes. Cassandra typically would wear revealing skirts or tight jean shorts that innocently revealed to the world the toned shape of her long and powerful legs. In fact, many of her friends would tell her that her legs were her best feature. I sometimes wondered if she ever nailed any of her friends in the nuts with those. In fact, whenever I would stand near her I would think that just a quick knee would probably render me on the floor holding my nuts in pure agony as she would laugh or giggle. I was in love with her, so I would have to make her want me.

Naturally since I wanted her to want me I would tease her constantly and neg her from time to time. If you don’t know what is “to neg” a girl, it is when you deliberately compliment or flirt with someone else in order to undermine her confidence. She also tended to be physically playful, which made being around her extremely sensual. One day she tried to playfully hit me in the face while wearing those ridiculously sexy shorts. So I grabbed her arm high and she would pull so close that I could smell the sweet smell coming from the side of her neck, and her hair’s shampoo. Whenever I did this, I knew I was leaving my nuts vulnerable, but I also knew she would not dare. Cassandra was a good girl.