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Men Who Do Not Love Their Balls as They Should

The benefits of removing testicles have been known for ages. Even as late as the 18th century, the Catholic Church castrated prepubescent boys in order to keep them from changing their voice and have them sing like sopranos, mezzo sopranos and contraltos permanently. In the animal kingdom, neutering our dogs and cats today takes away their aggressive behavior, their need to mark their territory on your favorite sofa, and keeps them from having unwanted puppies or kittens. I took three months too long to neuter my male cat and now I have four cats! It mated with my girlfriend’s female cat. Now they’re both fixed.

Nonetheless, the concept of balls and what they represent is a sensitive subject for men, no pun intended. What is surprising is that there are a growing trend of modern day eunuchs who willfully surgically remove their testicles in order to break free from the sexuality and aggression of testosterone. Aside from sex-reassigning surgery, I cannot see in what state of mind any man’s mind would someone want to have their own balls removed. Unless, there was some kind of masochistic or sexual intent of course. So, could this eunuch trend be the ultimate end for those with a strange sexual fantasy?

With just a little bit or research one can readily see that some men actually enjoy being punched, kicked or somehow being struck in the balls by another. This practice is called ballbusting. In the case of heterosexual men, the partner is typically a woman who can never experience being hit in the testicles as she doesn’t have any. However, in gay ballbusting both partners can experience the art of inflicting and experiencing the pain. Ouch!

Nevertheless, the existence of ballbusting should not come as a surprise. Hollywood movies and mainstream media are filled with ballbusting scenes. This could be that ballbusting is not inherently a fetish and is part of the innocent laugh we get sometimes when someone gets hurt in the balls. Or could it be that many powerful men in Hollywood secretly have this ballbusting fetish? A similar claim has been made of the former Nickelodeon’s producer Dan Schneider for having a foot fetish because of an unusual amount of feet scenes in his shows. Getting back to ballbusting, the internet is filled with nude and non-nude ballbusting clips if you know how to search. Additionally, several ballbusting forums exist where men share their ideas, experiences and offer each other support in their ballbusting endeavors.

But physical support is usually what a man needs right after he gets kicked in the balls. This is why I took the time to interview ballbuster Jameelah, to see how she kicks and treats her co-stars as she kicks them for online ballbusting videos. I asked her if she was ever excited for working as a ballbusting model. She replied

“I’m extremely excited, especially when I learned that I get to kick and knee someone in the balls, that was like the best part.”

She added “that under any circumstances is okay (to kick a man where it hurts), he won’t take you to get a water, an iced tea, he keeps watching football. These are all good reasons to kick a man in the nuts.” She finalized by saying that “not having nuts makes women much better off than men. Because instead of nuts we have boobs. They’re good to distract men while we knee them in the nuts.” I really hope she was joking on the boob-ball. Regardless, the power trip in her tone was more than evident. As a result, although women cannot get the same thrill from getting their balls busted as a man for lack of the proper equipment, it seems they can too enjoy causing a man to be temporarily incapacitated by a quick knee to the balls. As we all know, a kick in the balls can bring the strongest man down. Boob distraction is optional.

So, do plenty of men actually enjoy being busted in the balls but they’re just too afraid of coming out? I’ve met plenty of ballbusting women, if only metaphorically, who would not hesitate to kick someone in the balls should they get the chance and it was socially acceptable. In the case of men, I can recall plenty of instances with other men who would suspiciously stay on the topic of getting kicked in the balls when talking to attractive women. As a college student, I recall a male coworker cupping his groin and acting out the pain when an attractive female had just gotten too close for comfort by lifting up her foot behind her near his groin. At a different job, I remember a coworker joking with female coworkers that a squirrel must protect his nuts, only to meet the woman’s indifference. So, these experiences in addition to countless “hit in the balls” scenes in movies, including the Avengers: Endgame movie where Gamora knees Star-Lord square in the balls, mean that there are many bustees out there waiting and wanting to be, ballbusted?

Personally, with all this ballbusting going around, being a eunuch starts to gain some appeal.

By Alfred Roz


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